Thursday, August 25, 2016

On returning to the page and the classroom

From the photos on the right, it may seem this blog will be all about Prague...if only. For Prague is the most huggable, sweet, stunning place I've been, startling in its accessibility, its ease, its warmth. But alas, I am back on New York soil, the soil where I'm rooted, the place that I call home. My eight days of wandering in Prague and a bit of the Czech Republic, into a past that belonged to my parents, is now a piece of my present. It informs all I am since returning on July 23rd.
(Left photo, Cesky Krumlov, Right, on the way to Prague Castle)

This morning I'm awake since 3:20 (not waking from dreams of Prague, or surely I'd still be asleep). I hate it when I can't sleep. So much to do today: normal daily putterings, prep for a class that starts next week, then over to the west side to a class that's started, cram into the new working space 70 English adjuncts have been allotted.

Nice work space for adjuncts is rarely a given--but we were spoiled for two years with two large offices with floor to ceiling window views, reclining chairs! (for serious Kafkaesque brooding)  and--in my book, best of all, our own copier  (Photos of the defunct space to come). We convened last Thursday and got out of our systems the necessary grumbling and kvetching. Then realized--it must have been me (always on the lookout for a silver lining) who pointed out another reality--we were friends who actually had the same schedule.

I went to my first class with big plans--not my agenda--but for myself. After starting the summer with a professional development workshop, then my workshop in Prague, then a fiction class back in New York, I had learned some new tricks, plus a few things to never (ever!) do again--like asking students to go around the room and introduce themselves (no one listens after the first three, and as a participant, it's mortifying). But I was determined to be a better listener, to not get ruffled (aka annoyed) when students ask me to repeat things. Students learn by repetition. That's what I was taught. And I learned, too, that I can be quite mischievous when sitting next to a friend in the classroom--third-grade behavior is always waiting in my wings.    

The last post I wrote back in May, I said I was off the blogosphere due to a series of mean-spirited notes I had received. I said, too, that I had run out of steam, and the blog distracted me from more serious writing (which I still didn't do). In the time since then I've missed this forum, this place where I check in with myself and the world, and flatter myself that readers stop by. And, too, I want to keep Prague alive as a place and a mindset, a reassurance that stories can be relearned and rewritten. And, too, revisited.